PC and Console Gaming Services

  • By-the-hour Console and PC gaming usage (PC, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, Wii U, Game Cube, N64, Sega Saturn and more)
  • Use our comfortable and spacious lounging area at no extra cost
  • The fastest internet available, with rock-solid pings
  • We’re mere meters from our in-house Café Square: enjoy premium food and beverages.
  • Three large viewing areas for streaming and viewing parties
  • Capacity to hold 400 spectators for live tournaments and events


Standalone Hourly Rate – $8/hour

ALL DAY GAMING – $10! (We know, it doesn’t make sense)

If you’re looking to organize gaming events and gatherings, we have special rates available. Please contact us via email: info@levels.games


Levels Centre is dedicated to Esports, gaming and game development. We are the only facility that has been built with the necessary infrastructure that ensures the ideal Esports environment. We offer players a spacious venue, fully set up with the fastest internet with the lowest ping possible.  Each station is equipped with an Alienware PC,  lagless 24″ Asus monitor, 1080p webcam for online broadcasting, additional power outlets and USB ports, and a full sized desk with ergonomic seating. Our console room on the other hand is equipped with Xbox One S and PS 4 Pro consoles, with each console on a dedicated wired internet connection, lagless 24″ Asus monitor, 1080p webcam for online broadcasting.

The Levels Centre is equipped with the following:

  • 16 Alienware PCs
  • 5 PS4 Pro Consoles
  • 4 Xbox One S
  • 16 Wii Us
  • 16 Game Cubes
  • 4 N64s
  • 1 Sega Saturn

Yes you can! Bring in your own keyboard, mouse and headsets. We understand what it’s like when you game with your own accessories.  Laptops are also welcome!

Yes you can! Absolutely meet your friends at Levels to hang-out and play games. Make use of the powered booths and free high-speed gaming grade WiFi.  

Players can order premium food and beverages from our in-house Café Square. Enjoy a variety of menu items such as coffee, pizza, sandwiches and desserts.

Yes you can! To schedule an event, please contact us via email: info@levels.games

Levels will offer weekly and monthly tournaments in a multitude of games. They’ll be open to casual and competitive gamers alike.

Our current priorities for major games are as follows:

  • League of Legends (PC)
  • Dota 2 (PC)
  • Counterstrike: Global Offensive (PC)
  • Overwatch (PC)
  • FIFA ’17 (Console, PS4)
  • Starcraft II and Brood War (PC)
  • Rocket League (PC and Console)
  • Super Smash Brothers (Console, Melee and WiiU)
  • Street Fighter V (Console)
  • Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev2 (Console)

Levels has storage, space and the electrical to support CRTs for classic game consoles. Levels is in the midst of acquiring CRT’s for Smash/Retro events.

While Levels does have a selection of console & PC games available, we can’t get everything, and we encourage you to bring your own games if we can’t get it ourselves.

For PC Gaming, we’ll have all of the most popular games pre-installed. If you need anything downloaded ahead of time, just ask us on our Facebook, Discord or in person.

Levels offers workshops and classes for Game Development and one-on-one coaching for players interested in honing their skills to move into competitive professional Esports gaming. (Major League Gaming). Levels also offers a variety of game-related Camps and courses for kids as well as adults. 

No, LEVELS / Cafe Square do not offer alcohol. Cafe Square however, will be serving specialty coffees and drinks.

LEVELS will be doing a lot of community outreach going forward, if you’re interested in a position, or volunteering at any of our upcoming gaming events, please feel free to apply at resumes@levels.games