Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Kickstarter project has been launched, a game titled “Space Odyssey”. Currently, the project has met nearly a third of it’s funding goal with 41 days to go.

Dr. Tyson will be advising the team on all things science, bringing his own team of physicists, biologists and cosmologists to the project. Space Odyssey also features celebrated comic book writer Len Wein as the project’s head of story, and Jimmy Yun, as their conceptual designer whose work can be seen in Final Fantasy IX and God of War 3 among other notable entries.

The kickstarter page describes the game as a Metroidvania with intelligent AI and a game world that reacts to the player dynamically, and will feature Virtual Reality tech alongside pilot-able starships.

If any of that sounds interesting, the project is early in it’s development and still has pledge tiers available, but we recommend claiming them quickly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this project will likely reach its goal by the end of the month.


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